Now you can explore Lee Quarry virtually, from the comfort of your home!

This is the first part of our Virtual Valley project to be revealed! Funded by Historic England, we have been working with our partners over at Christians Survey & Inspection Solutions. The project digitally captures important heritage assets across Rossendale. This will allow them to be explored virtually, create a record of these sites and buildings and support exploration of future uses.

So, welcome to virtual Lee Quarry.

Whilst we can’t claim to be experts on Lee Quarry, we just know that its an incredible landscape. It bears the scars of centuries of quarrying activity.

If you explore closely enough, you can find individual chisel marks and half finished work seemingly abandoned by the people that worked there. It is a site of special scientific interest due to the important geology revealed in the quarried stone faces. Its heritage can be seen in the ghosts of old tramways and sawsheds.

It also has some amazing art installations dotted around the Quarry for people to explore. See if you can find them in the virtual Lee Quarry!

Fortunately, our friends over at Valley of Stone  know much more about it than we do!

Now a centre for mountain biking with some of the most challenging trails in the country, 1000’s of people explore it each year. Now you can too, from the comfort of your home!

Please click here to explore. It’s a big place, so we suggest avoiding using mobile data……..