L&Y scaffold construction works

Our contractor, Rosslee, is making fantastic progress at the former Lancashire & Yorkshire Bank in Bacup.

Following handing the keys to Rosslee back in August, work has been ongoing and is on programme to complete early in 2022. Progress includes assessment and cleaning of the masonry to the exterior, from the scaffold wrapped around the building. Inside, the building has been stripped of the previous fixtures, finishes and fittings. Repairs have been undertaken to floors and walls affected by damp. New partition walls with high levels of soundproofing have been installed, ready to create the four new apartments.

Plumbing, electrics and drainage installations have started. As a result, new pipes, cables and ducts are being installed to service the whole of the building.

There have been challenges! These include the discovery of an unknown electrical supply into the building. It was unsafe, requiring emergency action by Rosslee and Electricity North West. Part of the scaffold had to be dismantled to facilitate access. We are pleased to say that the issue was resolved quickly and we do not expect it to delay progress.

Over coming weeks, the project will continue to take shape.

New windows, which are similar to the existing ones but significantly improve on performance, will be installed. Inside, once the first stage of the services installations are completed, partition walls, ceilings and floors will be completed.

Behind the scenes, we are working hard to ensure that the kitchens, bathrooms and other fixtures and fittings are agreed and ready for installation.

We will be ready to sign up members for the co-working space over the next few weeks. Keep an eye on www.alliance-ly.org.uk for details.

Fingers crossed, we will look forward to welcoming you early in 2022!