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Valley Heritage Trustees

Established by a group of volunteers in 2015, Valley Heritage is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) charity registration number:1164935

We are a type of organisation known as a building preservation trust. You can find building preservation trust’s or ‘BPT’s as they are often called all over the country. A not-for-profit organisation, BPT’s are usually registered charities and are driven by communities for communities.

Essentially, Valley Heritage will engage in projects where we a “restorer of last resort” as we aim to tackle the regeneration of historic buildings that are at risk and which beyond the capability of the private sector, normally because the cost of repair is significantly higher than the end value. Such projects are therefore dependent on higher levels of public funding, usually from a number of sources.

Some BPT’s might concentrate on one building whilst others like Valley Heritage aim to restore a number of buildings over the years. We chose this route because Rossendale is an area rich in heritage, but many of Rossendale’s historic buildings are deteriorating rapidly and at risk of being lost forever. At the time of setting up the organisation we were aware that four of the valley’s heritage buildings and 3 conservation areas were are  on English Heritage’s ‘At Risk’ register highlighting the desperate need for a Rossendale based heritage focused organisation capable of tackling these at risk assets, addressing their commercial economic viability and bringing them back into sustainable use.

This work will often be achieved by working in partnership with others such as private companies, developers, local authorities, charities, community groups and land and building owners.

By adapting historic buildings for new and modern day uses areas can be regenerated. This can bring social and economic benefits in a way that sees the retention of the character and heritage of an area, yet also brings creative new uses to buildings and spaces for people to live, work or spend their leisure time. This redevelopment of historic buildings can also see a reduction in pressure for new developments on greenfield sites and help to meet employment and housing targets in innovative ways. BPTs can also act as pressure groups and advisers to help others find positive solutions that create a future via restoration and new use for heritage buildings at risk.