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Dry Stone Walling at St Nicholas Newchurch
chair heritage stephen anderson valley rossendale lancashire st nicholas september 2018 evening
Our Chair, Stephen Anderson talking about Rossendale’s heritage
Rossendale valley historic map
Historic Map of Rossendale Valley, from National Library of Scotland

We believe that the Valley’s past plays a significant part in our present and future.

The Rossendale Valley is a place with its own unique character, rich history and varied heritage. It is littered with historic buildings. Some play important roles in our communities, while others have lost their purpose.

Every day we see these buildings. Mills, factories, houses, pubs, clubs, cinemas, shops, banks, bingo halls and churches. They form the backdrop to our lives. Formerly bustling places have fallen silent. Empty. Run down. Derelict.

Valley Heritage believe that these forgotten buildings are part of our shared past, and have a role to play in our future.

Valley Heritage is a charitable organisation seeking to breathe new life into Rossendale’s heritage. through events and activities, active care for buildings, and helping to find new uses. We want the historic buildings of Rossendale to have purpose, contribute to their communities, and be filled with people.